Our Home

— Pinewood Springs and Estes Park Estates is a small rural mountainous community between the towns of Lyons and Estes Park in Colorado. State highway 36 winds through our district with more than 2 million vehicles annually as a major route to Rocky Mountain National Park. The terrain is rugged and heavily wooded, making the district at high risk for wild fires. With the exception of the highway, all roads in the district are either dirt or gravel, and most have considerable slope making 4 wheel drive necessary much of the year.

Our Mission

— To obtain and distribute funds for Pinewood Springs community projects and initiatives.  Our primary focus involves emergency services, public safety, disaster preparedness/recovery, road/water infrastructure, community education, awareness, and fitness.


— We assist community organizations realize their goals by providing them comprehensive grant support. This includes managing the grant process from utilizing research tools then compiling a timeline of potential grants, gathering data to present in applications, relationship building with grantors, and submitting and monitoring the application throughout the process.

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