Current Project – Fire Station

Fire Station and Community Center Project

Our rural Colorado community has started a capital campaign to fund the remodel/expansion of our 50 year old fire station and community center. The current building was built when our community had just 123 residents. Today, our fire protection district serves more than 900 residents as well as part of highway 36 which handles much of the tourist traffic to and from Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Estes Park.

The Pinewood Springs Fire Station/Community Center project was approved by the PSFPD in 2012 to identify and solve the numerous problems of continuing to safely operate the all-volunteer fire department in the small, outdated building at 61 Kiowa Road.

Modern day firefighting apparatus simply does not fit into our old building. Our fire engines were actually modified (for length and height) to enable us to get the current overhead doors closed, and the doors are only 6 inches wider than fire engines. The 4 garage bays are adequate, but they need to be wider, longer, and taller to be able to walk around the trucks and perform maintenance.

The command center is unheated and also serves as a changing room, storage area, and front entry room.
The PSFPD has an annual operating budget of less than $45,000. With many of the residents having experienced significant flood damage and resulting expenses, the only way to raise the funds is through donations, since a tax increase would not pass at this time.

Additional funding is continuing to be generated through a variety of events and campaigns, and a matching grant from the Department Of Local Affairs, or DOLA (Colorado Energy), is expected to complete the funding drive in December of this year. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2016.

The Pinewood Springs Community Foundation (PSCF) was incorporated in December 2014 to raise funds for projects to improve the safety, infrastructure, and services within the rural communities of Pinewood Springs and Estes Park Estates. The foundation’s primary goal for 2015 is to raise $100,000 toward the remaining funds needed for the Pinewood Springs Fire Station/Community Center. The Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District (PSFPD) has identified alternate revenue streams for remaining balance of $350,000.

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